About The Classic Motoring Review

The CLASSIC MOTORING REVIEW is an exceptional periodical for those who love real cars, and love to read about them, the people who made, drove and campaigned them.

Four times a year The CLASSIC MOTORING REVIEW publishes informative, inspiring and entertaining articles unencumbered by the constraints of modern media and its assumptions about short attention spans and advertisers’ needs. So as well as keeping alive motoring’s halcyon days, CMR upholds the traditions of great journalism thanks to some of the finest writers both past and present, such as Douglas Blain, Richard Bremner Steve Cropley, Gavin Green, Richard Hough, Owen Llewellyn, Frank Westworth, Richard Williams, Mark Williams, Peter Wright and many others.

Stories of epic journeys aboard impressive and not-so-impressive machinery, profiles of larger-than-life characters – be they designers, racing drivers, adventurers or eccentrics – and of course critical appraisals of the cars that they drove are all vital elements of a beguiling mix. And CMR will also feature informed commentary on all matters motoring from its insightful and often wryly humorous perspective, and uniquely in its field, the entire contents will be illustrated with specially commissioned artworks.

You can find out more by visiting ClassicMotoringReview.uk